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Tea with Horror

Published by mugen shiyo in the blog mugen shiyo's blog. Views: 97

After a lifetime of dreaming
I woke up screaming
a nightmare had come to me.

I think horror is a good genre to explore. I'm usually only used to fiction and action, but I found branching out into other things does actually improve you. And I found that it can be the simplest things that have the most effect. The feeling of walking down an empty corridor at night or hearing noises in the ceiling while you sleep. Of feeling the sheets pulled from your body in the night, or having a person follow you down the sidewalk. Perhaps waking up with a stranger standing above you. Though you've seen it in movies, you having no idea how jarring that can be in real life. (i guess it's my job to convey that)

I wonder if my style would be something genuinely creepy. Something that walks up your nerves with a fork, twisting them slowly like violin strings until they begin to snap- one by one- each chord sending you to a new level of madness...or terror...or both. I think I'll write three. Three's a good number. Omens come in three's.

But for some reason, those three lines in the beginning of this post are stuck in my head. I want to build on it...
but how?
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