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Technology's Many Puzzles

Published by JPGriffin in the blog Griffin's Blog. Views: 107

This is my first time back on this website (I think) after a long, painful struggle against the greatest enemy of mankind: Technology. I decided to indulge myself for the holiday season and get myself a computer not on the brink of death. Let me say this: getting a new computer is like opening up a Pandora's box of technological difficulties.

Where to start... Let's go with the installation of some products. Most, if not all, discs include an activation code, to ensure that the disc isn't stolen and reinstalled on another computer, and that online access is halted. The issue is this: there's no way of De-authorizing the original computer's access. I spent fifty dollars on one program, and about sixty to seventy on another (plus hardware), and now I have no way of running the hardware without having to repurchase the program. The computer's price already jumped up at least $120.

My computer also is difficult with file transfers. All of my Word Documents had to be placed on a flash drive, removed, put into the new computer, and deleted from the flash drive. Considering that I had no idea how much room was left, and plus the fact that it was already cluttered, meant I had to do this three times.

And finally, the worst experience that almost had me boycotting my music- iTunes, one of the most difficult programs I have ever dealt with. Their security systems, coupled with those of the wireless internet, had me up until midnight figuring it out. Both computers had to be on the same network, both authorized, and both with iTunes open and running. Sounds simple, right?

My old computer was only able to work off of the router's guest network. It requires a password as soon as you access the internet, cutting off any file transfers before it's entered. My new computer uses the permanent network, which my old computer can't access correctly. Anyone would agree that it just hates my guts. So, after hours of trying different combinations, with all combinations of strategies under the sun, I finally realize that the problem was one of the simplest things I could have overlooked. I never get migraines, but that fiasco left me taking about a handful of Advil.

Now, though, my files are safe. My music is securely in this computer, and the migraine's gone. Almost.

Word of the Wise: Drive the workhorse to death before getting another.
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