teenage years

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with every fight every argue, its never gonna change.
you win even when i'm right.
faith lost, nothing found.
wishing my life can just leave with the night as the sun comes up...
my heart sunk, brain damaged, and my soul feels gone.
the blood flowing through my veins never ends with pricing pain.
a cut through the wrist makes the moment last forever, not forgetting but faking a smile everyday to show i'm not falling.
crying inside, bleeding on the out, thinking to myself when will I go??..

i'm a teenager who feels alone, lost, out of control.
no one can hear this silent scream.
my heart shatters more with every tear..
never finding the right path cause it turns out to be just a road through another hardship scheme.
letting go of the past to move on to the present is always what i've been told, but running away seems more right..
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