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Ten. 10. ten-ity ten ten. TEN.

Published by BruceA in the blog BruceA's blog. Views: 223


“Ten what?”

“I don’t know, do I? Not yet. That’s the challenge. It is a prompt for the tenth anniversary of WritingForums.org. I’m trying to come up with a story involving ten something.”

“Oh. A prompt. I pity the poor bastards who have to read those stories: boring! Why couldn’t they have had a theme instead?”

“A theme?”

“Yeah, like ‘celebration’ or somesuch. Prompts are soooo restrictive, and the stories are uninteresting to write and to read. Count me out.”

“They are offering cash prizes-”

“They are? Well, prompts aren’t that bad are they? I might give it a go, it’s a challenge, you know?”

“Mmmmmm, perhaps a theme would suit you better. I’ve got one: hypocrisy.”

“Now, now. Play nicely. It’s just that prompts are often handled badly. Writers try to slot the prompt (like the word ‘ten’) in anywhere. That jars with me-”


“ I mean what are those jars doing with you?”

“These ten jars here, you mean? Each one of the ten jars filled with ten cookies? Each of the ten cookies emblazoned with the number ‘10’?”

“Yes, those ten jars, yes.”

“Oh, there is no real reason they are here. Do you want a cookie? Or ten?”

“No thanks, I’m not hungry. I am thirsty though, can I have some of your drink?”

“You won’t like it, but you’re welcome to try...”

“God! That is terrible! Cold coffee! Whatever possessed you? And what is that dreadful spice?”

“It’s ginger.”

“Yuk! You know I react badly to anything that has even the faintest hint of ginger coffee!”

“Yes. Yes, I had noticed that.”
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