Obezyanka Jun 20, 2009
Here is my advice. (I thought you were older lol)

1-3 I am like you. LOL I procrastinate and try to get things done at the last minute.

4. Dinner is always good
5. I know I am overweight a size 16 so um nothing to worry about lol.

6. Oh year 11, I procrastinated to and scored midrange marks lol. Yay didn't fail didn't get top score.

7. Being on stage is okay, I love the adrenline rush of being on stage. What I do I focus on the back wall and run my eyes over the top of people's heads. No biggie. (I do amature theatre)

8. Oh well I had that too, "Susan" was boy mad, while I was shy and couldn't care less about guys.

9. Practice makes perfect

10. Yes you can do these, but try to relax and when all is done. Um you will be fine. lol.