TEN things which make Pakistan the best country to live in!

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Seriously, the title says it all. You guys may think it's a hellhole, but no, it's really a nifty place :) at least in some ways which are addressed below. Feel free to feel envious - it's natural.

1) I think this counts alot - no need to do chores! In a normal middle class home, you can have a sweeper and gatekeeper and a cook very nominally! For the upper middle class, a driver or two is no big either. You'll get plenty practice of shouting and learn an entirely new language - of bad words.

2) LoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOong holidays! 3 month summer break, 2 week winter break, and about 2 week Eid break! I don't know if it's longer there, but it's pretty long here, in my opinion. For that matter, my school handles it that way.

3) I love this thing about Asia and my religion more than ANYTHING! Family life :) No matter how old you are, until you get married, you live with your mom and dad, and earn for them if they need it, and no need to dispose them off in an old home. No need for mother's day or father's day to connect with them, since they're always with you, and every day is a reunion of your life.

4) Cheeeaaaap! No, not the bad cheap, the less expensive cheap :) You can get a mansion built, a funky wardrobe and everything richy rich in like - a few bucks? I mean, if a lower middle class person can afford it, then it shouldn't be too much. So - a hoem of our own!

5) You can get away with everything. Murder, robbery, shoplifting, wrong driving...name it. OKAY, this isn't a good thing, but to fill in the blanks you could say this is profitable for many...

6) A more positive thing about my country are the four seasons. A balanced seasonal change all year round, with beautiful spring in February-March, a boiling hot summer from May-Spetember (with fun rainstorms), a sullen autumn uptil November and a cozy and cool winter uptil January - mezmerising!

7) I love the food here. The veggies and fruits aren't artificially grown, instead they are freshly cut. We even have a garden of corns, chillies and ladyfinger. The spices add to the loveable taste and the mouth-watering situation...don't ask! Everything is too tasty to complain about.

8) From a religious point of view, minorities get many rights (except in politics). US and UK may not have this issue anyways, but Europe otherwise does. Also, a tradition traced from the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) prophesizes that a group of Muslims from India/Pakistan/Afghanistan will establish peace in the world. Exciting for Muslims :D

9) Schools teach harder, we learn harder, and so, studies abroad are easy wheezy! Seriosuly, the lamest girl in our school can score an A there. Plus, Paksitanis have the highest IQ in the world. I feel smart :cool:

10) And last, but not the least, this country rocks because of ME! Ack, I can't construct a good long point, so I just filled up this one. Now 9 things good about a country is odd.

So here it is! This isn't the end, infact, this has not even started! I love my country, and sometimes, I feel proud of it too. As they say: Pakistan Zindabad! (Long live Pakistan)
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