Terror, Terror! Blog - #2 A little tidbit and progression.

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Been writing on schedule with the story these last few days, managed to get into chapter one which won't be much beyond an exploration chapter. Its currently set in Rome, in what I assume Rome to be like as I've never been. Currently presenting my main female protagonist, Augustine, a fiery beauty. I have an idea of what I want her to be like but currently she's just a pretty woman to contrast a pretty mundane looking male character.

Here's the paragraph I used to describe her.

The majestic frills of a sapphire dress always drew the eyes of wonder struck Italian men, especially in the confines of the tight-nit Roman Streets. It was hardly a challenge, even for the most mundane girl. Such being the case, those who had forcibly transfixed their gaze unto Augustine must be experiencing what if feels like to gaze upon a goddess. The young woman's flowing carmine locks wavered peacefully in the wind of the Tiber river as she stood upon one of the many bridges intersecting the waterway. Rome was a wonderful city, its beauty never tiring regardless of how much modernism threatened to do away with its classical enticements. "
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