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Humanity is on the brink of an inglorious era of polarised forces. Terrorism is a reaction of conflict in the human psyche that is currently manifesting through the religious fanaticism of the East against the acquisitive materialism of the West. Political leaders are bewildered and have no real solutions other than to look solemn and utter assurances that the perpetrators will be caught. With the media primed for breaking news of the latest atrocities, the stage is set for some kind of reckoning that has been brewing since the beginning of time.

The escalation of terrorist violence is due to the release from the unconscious of an idea that, as yet, is unable to be defined. From a worldly perception, the effects appear to be negative and utterly devoid of any positive value for the betterment of the human race. This is because to externalise into sensory existence, the unconscious energies must pass through layers of human past which have solidified over incalculable time. As the stream of the unconscious enters the human psyche, the blockages begin to release the emotional content that have previously been impervious to human perception. Intense forces of human ignorance, hatred, cruelty and vengeance gravitate to the minds and emotional bodies of anyone vibrating at a frequency that allows these psychic entities to take possession. Especially vulnerable will be the disillusioned and those bordering on mental instability due to the absorption of electromagnetic pollution – the latest worldwide disorder.

The new breed of terrorist fighter will not be affiliated to a particular religious faith or be politically motivated. They will be part of a global cell, united under a common hatred of western capitalism and democratic values. The unconscious energies have the effect of transforming the cells of the terrorist’s brain, numbing their sensitivity to the suffering of others. Their minds will function totally devoid of pity and compassion, enabling them to kill indiscriminately and without mercy. The world will offer nothing to these new freedom fighters; and the enemy is anyone complacent in their materialistic cocoon of comfort and security. Some of these traits are already evident in the brutal treatment of hostages by terrorists and ruthless random assassinations in public places.

Violence itself will become the prime communicator, with shock random tactics the means through which society at large will be targeted. There will be no shortage of terrorist volunteers because the continual exposure of carnage and graphic portrayal of violence will make killing and maiming emotionally fashionable. The battlefield will be anywhere since the terrorists, having no specific national identity, will be invisible to the detection of security forces. The new wave terrorists will be informed through the internet and mass media of the events as they happen in order to bypass the electronic listening devices of the security networks. A particular attack will indicate the next sequence of attacks, whether in another country or the same vicinity. People will avoid gathering in crowds and the effect on everyday life will be devastating. It’s inevitable that a nuclear warhead or similar device of mass destruction will eventually be detonated, probably in the heart of a major city in the West.

Western civilisation has little more to offer, except as a continuation of the progressive drive that has made the world what it is today. Any cultural worth that every civilisation has endeavoured to express through its art and creativity has long been devalued by materialistic greed and acquisition. This phase of human evolution is virtually over and many intelligent people already have a sense of this. But it’s not necessarily the terrorists that will trigger the final release of force; they are merely players in the bigger picture and unconscious of the idea that supports their external actions.

As a race we have been wilfully resistant to any real solutions that would diminish the gap between the rich and the poor and alleviate the suffering and poverty endemic in the world. We have demonstrated that by profaning the earth and each other we are unfit to carry on as we are. Death, whenever it comes, is the end of the world because that’s the only thing that dies. The person we think we are is a portion of the world that has been gathered through experience in a body. The degree of attachment to the temptation of the world determines an individual’s reality and self-knowledge of life. The greater the attachment, the stronger the psychological need for hope and for the world to remain as it is.

Humanity as a whole is poised to undergo a radical transformation of consciousness. Paradoxically, it is the polarisation of forces that provide a way back to the original state of being in a swifter time frame than was ever possible before. From my own perception of life, I’m aware of the idea of the new earth culture entering existence from the unconscious. This is the positive effect of these times that is assisting those receptive to the spiritual evolution of humanity.

For anyone wishing to pursue this subject I recommend the book ‘ A Prayer for Life – the cause and cure of terrorism, war and human suffering’ by Barry Long, the Australian spiritual master and source of my inspiration.

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