Tetesie's evolution

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Tetesie's evolution

Tetesie is older then it's history cares to recall. As said previously, it was built upon the ruins of an old era. This era was crippled by destruction. Eighty five percent of the previous population was destroyed several species and races became extinct due to the destruction. The landscape is now scarred, considered even as gouged out in places. From the mass use of technological weapons in periods of war.

Tetesie's previous destruction came about due to over advanced weapons in a bitter war. Before the destruction of the planet it's age was 20901 years of age. After the destruction it had a further 200 years. Surviving races of the war grouped together to form small colonies upon the most fruitful of the lands which was Savoa. The surviving animal races, have evolved to suite a more complex climate and demographic location.

An example of the evolution of animal species, would be the Heckling thunder cat.
Once this animal was much smaller and appeared as only a cat, at current day this animal is now twice it's original size has also evolved to become more smarter. it also has horns upon it's head which protect it from predatory creatures such as the scavenger Agar (A large bear about the size of an elephant) which survives by eating whatever it can.

Due to the Heckling thunder cat’s evolution, several races have tamed this cat for use as a mount in battle. It's agility renowned amongst any rideable animal.

Another example of evolution, is the evolution of the Draycon race. The Draycon just after the destruction had wings, this kind of evolution came about due to predators and feeding needs. After the Draycon settled there was no longer any need for flight. They soon lost use of there wing and after the offspring they bared often had deformed wings. Or small parts of the wings bone structure covered by flesh upon there backs (thing the Manx cat and its nub for a tail.) They have yet to lose the horns upon there heads to the chain of evolution.

The Heckling who were pushed out into the wastelands by the other races, grew narrower and longer feet to tackle the terrain. They have large dog like ears that look similar to that of a kelpie dog. This diversity helps them to pick up sound scapes around them, hence making them more alert.
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