Thank you and Goodbye

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I am starting this blog to announce my departure from these writing forums. I feel that over the past month or so my experiences here have been far more negative than positive. Even though I can accept that it is I who is at fault for being affected so strongly by the words and opinions of others (none of which have been directed at me) I still submit that I no longer am enjoying these writing forums or benefitting much from them.

Still, I do not want to just disappear without acknowledging the individuals who have clearly and selflessly helped me and others improve in writing, sometimes directly but often indirectly as well.

Etan Isar

My writing is better today because of things that you wrote that I took to heart. Others have contributed too, but these are the names that stand out in my mind.

I will be back over the coming days to check messages and phase things out as I feel is appropriate, but I have joined a new writing forum that I am hoping fits my personality better than this one did.
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