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I have decided to cut off contact with one of my real-life friends. Or I should say 'friends' rather than friends because of the reasons that pretty much made my decision for me.

This friend, sorry 'friend', has made being her friend an almost impossible task. She makes me feel like a whiny bitch everytime I call her to try and organise spending any time together. She calls me melodramic whenever I complain about the state of our 'friendship'. She forgot my birthday... again. She cancelled the last two times we were supposed to watch some DVDs together for no reason she was willing to share. She doesn't seem to understand how selfish she truly is. She is selfish to the point of cruelty. She is automatically closed to a hell of a lot of topics of conversation.

I doubt losing my friendship will affect her very much because she has made it plain that it means less than nothing to her which really sucks because I am so angry at her that I want her to feel regret or loss or anything but I really doubt she'll even notice I'm gone.

And so... I'm done.
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