That ususal, but not "normal" day goes on

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Okay, so the bus stops and I get off. At this point, I have missed my meeting...But...I am acrost the eight-laned street from the local library.

Get where I'm going with this?

I walk in and sit down, just to calm down a sec when this woma looks up at e, "You here for the computers too?"


"THeir off till one." That's what the paper taped to the PC screen behind her says as well, I just hadn't read it yet.

I look at my cell phone, 1.15. Ok, it's tech stuff, not abnormal for it not to adhere to deadlines.

I get up and go to the check in desk to check on the status of a book and some CDs I checked out recently. The book is overdue.

"Can I renew materials without bringing them in?"

"Yes?" She know where Im going, not so sure she likes it...

"Okay, than can I renew that, and when are the CDs due?"

She gives me a date, I think in days between now and a week from now so I ask her to translate- she looks at me like I'm stupid...Yadi-tadi-tada

Somebody once admitted to me that theatt his first impression of me was that I wwas mentally retarded. He caught me on a very very goofy day. On my goofy days, I'm likely to forget that 2+2=4. And, no, I don't say 5, I think 8. Oddness much:rolleyes:

Anyway, I renw the CDs as well, and wait about twenty minutes for the computers to be released. Yeah, they weren't, so I went to the bus stop to catch the 23. There is a man standing there clipping his nails.
I hate that sound...oooh!....

Seven or so minutes later, the bus ambles on up. So, I walk towards the curb because I was standing pretty far back. As I pass the Clipper, I just raise my hand in the direction of the bus. It didn't mean anything, I just did it. He looks up from his clipppers, "I know."

No neeed for the attitiude. As we're boarding the bus, he says, "I saw it earlier, far way to go."

When'd he see it, while it was around the corner?! That gesture came as the bus was approaching the intersection twenty feet from the bus stop. It stopped at a red light, what was he, physcic (SP? I hate that word)

I get on the bus...twenty minute ride...yada yada yada...get off the bus and start walking that country road that leads to the country road my school is on. (Thet're paved and all, they just don't have sidewalks after a point.

Somebody from school is walking ahead of me...I don't know him, so I don't try to catch up, but I notice that he vered off of the path that I usually walk, so I contemplate following his path, but decide not to.

So I get to the corner where my two roads meet and start down the other one. Suddenly, I notice this guy with a grey hoodie and long hair, but he's so far away that not much else makes sense (except jis jeans and sneakers of course) so I can't help it that I'm running body types and statures and faces through my mind to figure if I go to school with him. I rule him out as we get closer to each other, but I also continue to study him-I'm bored after all. As we're twenty paces from each other, I realize that he's been waching me too, probably for different reasons though. He raises hir right eye-brow-doesn't smile, doesn't even return my wave and helllo, just raises the eye-brow, drops it and twitches his hands. That maade me look down and away from his face. He's holding one red pen each hand so that they look like top views of two very thin hand guns. He suddenly emitted this "cweeeppppiiiee" vibe, especiallly as we were passing each other almost shoulder to shoulder.

Want to know why I am so freaking weird? After we passed each other, red flag went up in my mind, and I kept looking back to make sure he was still walking AWAY from me and NOT looking back. That's not the weird part, the weird part is that I am kind of hoping he goes to my school, just want to affirm or (whatever the synoym to that is) that he's not as "kid who will blow up school" as I thought he was.

Still not done, but...wait for it.....wait foor it....

yada yada yada, do some things to kill the two hours till practice, run into some old teachers, some new teachers...yada yada yada...two hour practice....yaday yada yada yada...

Okay, after practice, I talk to the team captain (one of them) about something that has to be settled. I've been getting flack about graduating early because it's clear that I'm definitly going to be stealing SOMEBODY's rank within the top ten percent. One of the major issues is that I might take Val. from the person that currently has it. I would never try to do that, she's worked four years at it, it'd be rude to want to take it from her. I'm overly competitive and I still said "Number two's good." So I sit down and we talk about what's going on and basically agree that I'm ot going to try to take it from her, but I'm not going to try not to either (it makes sense, it really does when you think about it). Then, just to make something clear, I ask her about her GPA, if it's clost to mine, then there's something to worry about.

She usually gets about point two better than me-not a damn thing to worry about.

The rest is normalish...Did I forget something....Hm don't know... Thanks for reading this though:D

Yes, yes I did forget a couple of things:
-I found out I'm going to have a class with only THREE students in it
-I got to see the new 3D printer in action! Yay me!

still forgetting something...
-Georgia Tech sent me info on the President's Scholar (ship) program/award....

What else....
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