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The 10 Failings

Published by Adenosine Triphosphate in the blog Adenosine's Notebook. Views: 102

Because inventing new moral systems is fun.

I think this piece would work well for my dispassionate, autistic, atheistic self. My mind has pretty much kicked the foundations out of the one I was taught.

Secular version of Sins. Listed in order of how bad I think they are and how many positive twists I think they have. Ordered from most heinous to most minor. As I see them, of course.

The 10 Failings
Greater (violent)

1) Sadism

Taking pleasure in bringing harm to others.

2) Wrath

Rage, hatred, and the desire to bring harm to others. Often overlaps with the above.

3) Manipulation

Deceiving and/or using someone's traits against them to achieve a goal, whether it be something material, the modification of emotions in the target, or both.


4) Coldness

Lack of compassion for others.

Lesser (erroneous)

5) Destructive hedonism

Pleasure-seeking that poses large risks to its participants or those around them, such as drug addiction or promiscuity that is not well-planned.

6) Recklessness

Doing things without properly evaluating their risks and benefits.

7) Arrogance

Grossly overestimating one's abilities.

8) Spinelessness

Allowing one's self to be stepped on by others when they have a reasonably safe means of standing up for themselves. This does not apply to submission out of tactical necessity.

9) Defeatism

Severely underestimating one's abilities.

10) Self-deception

Deceiving one's self about their own nature and capabilities, and overriding real evidence with fantasy.
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