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The Basic Blue Book

Published by Aaron J. Clark in the blog Aaron J. Clark's blog. Views: 54

The Format Of Blue Book Posts
Posted at random with no thought given to chronology. Basically musings on the lives of these characters.

Basic Background

It's about a guy and his son. Their lives suck. Mostly because the father hates his work and has been depressed ever since his wife died. The Blue Book consists of present (plot unfolding with his son -- their quest to find Mom who's actually dead) and past (plot unfolding with his wife -- how she died).

The Main Characters

Ronald Jay Lark -- protagonist, father, writer and manic depressive
Leander Lark -- son, idealist, manic personality that's mostly positive
Margaret Lark -- dead mother, live lover, kind of a weirdo in her own right


"The Blue Book" is a working title for a story I'm slowly piecing together.
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