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The Beauty of Happiness

Published by Forinsyther in the blog Forinsyther's blog. Views: 98

I really don't understand it when someone knowingly makes a person's happiness feel inadequate. If someone is really excited or happy about something, and they share that joy, there are some people who won't even try to smile back, or will tell them it's not that great. It's so sad watching the excited person deflate because of this kind of rejection.

Not understanding or relating to why they're happy is irrelevant. That person is overjoyed about something, why would you try to ruin it? It is not difficult in the slightest to smile back or say 'tell me about it'. They've trusted you enough to share this amazing feeling, so don't make them regret it.

I honestly love watching people when they're thrilled or captivated by something. It's such a beautiful emotion, because it's so much stronger than a content smile. It's like being vulnerable and empowered at the same time.
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