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The beginning of slavery - the end of hope

Published by Charisma in the blog Maniacal Mysteries Untold. Views: 85

My country is a memorable place - the only country in the history of the world as well as it is known, to have gained independence in such difficult ways. US is a different story - they were a majority and no partition as such took place. But Pakistan was made with pain and struggle. Not a piece of cake.

And today when I look outside the windows, I sigh out in despair and ask myself - is this the beginning of a new era...of slavery? No, I'm not kidding. It's so true. Look at us. No ethics, rude, poor, sick, illiterate and unemployed is what defines a Pakistani. And to add to the tension, outsiders mark us as terrorists and gansters. Pfft...being a Pakistani, I want to disagree, but then maybe they're right in a way. We kill people through our words. We hurt communities through our character.

To brief up my grief, I guess I'll refer to our current situation. I mean, I don't have all day to mourn over things which I may have also contributed to.

Currently, after the CJ issue (Chief Justice) we are left with kicking out Musharraf out of his seat. What happened was simple. Musharraf didn't like what CJ was doing and tried to kick him out of his post. This angered the judges in Pakistan nad they fought back, and eventually won the case for CJ. Now, we are looking forward to a new government. A new way to suffer.

For now, Benazir Bhutto, Nawaz Sharif and Imran are volunteering in place of Musharraf. Nawaz was on exile from Pakistan due to certain bad deeds for 10 years and was in Saudi Arabia. He tried to enter Pakistan and this caused his exile to be increased by another year (3 years more to go). Now he says there was no exile. Pfft...

Benazir is reputed as an evil woman, as my Dad suggests. She had been a President earlier and once she tried to run down the grounds allotted to PU (Punjab University) for their educational assets. She wanted to make somethign else there, and went as far as to take roadrollers to the grounds and run down the cmapus. The patriotic students weren't giving up - they stood their ground and sat in front of the road rollers, asking her to abandon this slaughter. Thus, she has been a bad lady and we don't want her back.

Imran is funding for a Cancer Hospital Shaukat Khanum and seemes to be a good guy, but tales are rumored of his mean attitude to his Jewish wife who now has divorced him. Dad thinks he's worth a try, but no one really knows.

And I still don't know what to say. Is this really the end of hope?
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