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The beginning of the end (part three) final part

Published by Sabin in the blog Sabin's blog. Views: 113

Chapter one part three
The beginning of the end

The fullness of night was upon the city as Martyn looked out at the nights sky. The work had changed quickly in his eyes yet it ha been nearly forty years now since he had become a councillor of Kelia city. The stars in the sky still looked the same, eternal as they where they could offer Martyn no answer to the questions behind his aged eyes.*

Belek stood behind Martyn with his hands inside his robe waiting for Martyn to acknowledge him.

The night air was cold again it had been like that leading up to winter only once before around twenty eight years ago as Martyn remembered it. Sickly warm in the day and covered with a thin frost at night.*
Martyn let Belek wait and shiver as he thought wondering with a slight humour if the coward of a man would speak up before told to.*

"Report!" Martyn said barely turning his head to acknowledge Belek yet still the man seemed to jump with fright.

"Benjamin's unit has been chosen well high councillor, none could be found that had ties to make them... Useful, high councillor" Belek held his head low, not making eye contact.

Martyn despised the man, yet he had had his uses over the years. No-one could rule a council without knowing all there was to know about the people they ruled. He urged the rat like man to continue with a nod.

"He is keeping information locked down tight high councillor which only makes me more suspicious of him. I have eyes on him and I am trying to trace any data he touches. Before he moves you will know why he does high councillor"

Belek look on the point of sweating if it where not for the freezing wind blowing into the chamber he would have been.

"Continue your efforts Belek, but do not go so far that Benjamin will know that you watch him, he must have free rain to think that what he does goes unknown". Martyn looked back out at the stars*

"Yes high councillor".*

Belek rushed to the small door hidden behind the VCS in the chamber a hastily closed it behind him with the clink of metal on metal, leaving no sign that the door had ever been there to begin with.

Martyn let out a sigh, the weight of his thoughts clearly taking up his full attention. He knew that sleep would not come easily tonight, each new day could bring disaster and Benjamin's outburst in the chamber had sharpened that knowledge in his mind.*

*I hope you all enjoyed and would love any comments that's it for now and is the end of the first chapter.
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