The Betrayal Chapter 16 snippet

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Jennifer wound her way through the tangle of craft on the flight deck with a sigh. Kate was being sent off on a mission that could possibly mean her death, she thought, and there wasn’t a damn thing anyone could do about it. As much as she hated to do so, she was going to follow Kate’s order and keep her mouth shut. In fact, she reflected, it was the only way to stay safe while Kate was gone.

If they think they’re going to kill Kate that easily, Jennifer thought with a snort. Then I’ve got some ocean front property on Venus I’ll like to sell them!

When she arrived at Kate’s fighter, she found herself shaking her head. Under the fighter on an antigravity cart was Kate’s flight crew chief, along with four of her crew. Each were busily either replacing something or adjusting something, while Jennifer chuckled. However, it was the steady stream of profanity that drew her eyes upwards. Scratching her forehead with a finger while her eyebrows rose, she found it hard not to laugh.

It’s a good thing no one really can hear her, Jennifer thought. Because she sure could peel the paint off the Roanoke talking like that!

“I see you haven’t lost your ability to be colorful,” she said to the open air.

Jennifer watched as Kate crawled out of one of the engine hatches. It seemed different, Jennifer mused, to see Kate wearing a pair of camouflage pants. However, she found the look on her friend to be an interesting change of pace. With a shrug, she waited for Kate to finish crawling out.

“It’s nice to see you too, Jennifer,” Kate said as she knelt on the top of the wing.

“Are you having fun up there?”

“Are you kidding me?” Kate chuckled. “I haven’t had this much fun since basic training!”

“And now I know you’re lying,” Jennifer rolled her eyes. “Don’t forget our dinner party tonight.”

“You think I’m going to forget that?” Kate said as she wiped her hands on a cloth she had in a back pocket.

“I don’t know, sir,” Jennifer teased. “You do tend to have a one track mind at times.”
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