The Betrayal Chapter 21 Snippet

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The Galactic Trade Center rose above the Washington DC metropolis like a two-mile high golden finger. Surrounded by a grouping of six other smaller buildings, it was the center for all financial institutions in the Alliance. Built twenty years previously, it had ushered in an era of prosperity to the far-flung worlds of man that they had never seen previously. Allowing for the multiple financial institutions to consolidate their multiple headquarters, it had brought the stability that man’s banking systems needed.

Team Leader look at the building before them and she smiled under her mask. This was going to be just as easy as they had planned, she thought as they closed on the building. After taking the past six months to train for this night, they had everything down to a science.

There were six of them, no more, to do the task that was ahead of them. Feeling the familiar weight of the Heckler and Koch MP5SD3 on her back, Team Leader was utterly confident in their ability to carry out their mission. With the silenced submachine guns firing a forty-caliber shell, anyone who discovered their presence wouldn’t live long enough to report it.

Equipped with the latest in explosives, they had been trained on the exact locations the place them to bring the whole complex down. Thirty minutes, Team Leader thought, no more and they would have their task complete. After that, it would be up to their compatriots to make everything else work according to plan.

Approaching the main building, she found herself thinking about their first obstacle. With a trained hand, she switched on their private battle net, motioning to the rest of her team to do so. From now on, they would have complete privacy from anyone trying to listen in on their communications.

“Check the guard’s desk,” she whispered into her throat mike. “If anyone’s there, take ‘em out.”

Watching one of her team scurry toward the guard’s desk, Team Leader concerned herself with the main part of their mission. Each member of her team was carrying twenty pounds of explosive on their belts. Which is totally useless until the detonators were placed in them, she reminded herself to prevent her from having any qualms about carrying the explosives.

“Security neutralized,” Her team member came over their net.

“Everyone move to targets,” she whispered as she entered the main building with her weapon at the ready.

Stepping into a waiting elevator, she allowed herself a brief moment to relax. While the car took her over a mile up into the air, she listened to the calm, measured pace of her breathing. Everything was going be over soon, she told herself, and they’d be gone before anyone knew they were there.

The quick ride seemed to take forever to her adrenaline-filled mind. With a quick motion, the car came to a stop and the doors slid aside to let her step out. Leading with the silenced gun, she slipped out into the landing beyond. The location that she needed to place her explosives at would be just around the corner.

Approaching where she needed to place her explosives, she heard the sound of a guard working closing a door. She peered around the corner and felt a smile cross her face under the mask. The guard was closing the door to the room she needed to enter, she thought, and it would be perfect for eliminating him at the same time!

Moving with the silence of a stalking predator, she slipped up on the unknowing man. She reached out, grabbing his head with both hands, giving his neck a forceful twist. Smiling under her mask, she heard his neck snap like a rifle shot as his body fell to the ground lifelessly. That was too easy, she thought to herself, as she used his access card to open the door.

Team Leader drug the dead body into the maintenance room, shutting the door behind her. She couldn’t believe the stroke of luck that the guard’s location had been. Now she could place her explosives without having to worry about being spotted by building security. Besides, she reminded herself, all the training in the world can be undone by a bit of bad luck at the wrong time.

Reaching onto her belt, she removed the explosive as she approached the support beam against the far wall. She started to place the explosives behind the beam, out of site, making it conform to the shape of the metal. Once she had that done, she pulled a detonator off her belt and placed it in the explosive. With a signal from a nearby location, her compatriots would be able to detonate this explosive and bring the whole building down.

That was too easy, she thought as she stepped over the dead body and out into the corridor.

“All units report,” she said as she stepped into the elevator again.

While riding back down to the lobby, she listened to the reports from her teams. There was nothing, she told herself, like hearing a mission go exactly as you planned it. Something about it made you feel God-like, superior to a mere mortal in ways that just couldn’t be described in mere words. Today, they have struck a blow for the new order, and the galaxy would tremble at the sound of it!

“Let’s go people,” she said as she checked her chronograph. “We have three hours before detonation.”

Striding into the darkness beyond the complex, she knew that this was just the first mission she would be called upon to complete.
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