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The Betrayal Chapter 25 revised part 2 (new writing mix)

Published by captain kate in the blog captain kate's blog. Views: 175

The bourbon bottle shattered into many pieces. The silence bullets tore through it, smashing the mirror behind it. She yelped as a liquid drenched her. A quick check with her hand brought it back without blood.

At least the bullet hadn’t hit them, she thought, grabbing her pistol.

Her relief ended as more bullets tore into the mirror. Shattering completely, it coated her hair with shards. Groaning in anger, she felt behind her. A yelp from Kosloski told her was okay.

“You hit?” She asked, scanning for an escape route.

“No,” he said. “What the hell is happening?”

“We have company,” she said. “How the hell do we get out of here?”

The club started to empty as people ran for their lives. A loud scream filled the air as the stripper ran from the stage. She blended in with the exodus of people fleeing the gunfight. Watching the crowd, Kate could see the blonde-haired woman coming towards them.

And she has company
, she thought, frowning, as she noticed a man with her.

“We’ve got to go!” she yelled, grabbing Kosloski by the collar and starting to crawl across the floor. “Where the hell do we go?”

“The kitchen!” he grunted. “To your right!”

“Move!” Kate said as she shoved him toward the door.

Rolling up to a kneeling position, she squeezed off two shots. The sound was deafening in the confined space of the club. Hearing the roar of her gun, her opponents hit the ground. That will slow them down, she thought, long enough for us to get into the kitchen!

“Go! Go! Go!” she yelled at Kosloski, backing through the door to the kitchen.

Shocked expressions crossed the cooks’ faces when they saw them. With all the commotion in the kitchen, they hadn’t heard the firefight. The first sign of trouble was when Kate burst into the kitchen with her gun in her hand.
Ignoring them, she turned her back to the door and shoved Kosloski forwards.

She shoved her way past the startled cooks. Ahead of her, the back door beckoned, a good twenty meters away. Anything could happen in that distance, she thought with a frown. Hopefully her little distraction would hold them back long enough!

I seriously doubt it did, she told herself as she pushed through the crowd. It wouldn’t slow me down…
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