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The betrayal Chapter 26 snippet

Published by captain kate in the blog captain kate's blog. Views: 163

Jennifer never felt so humiliated in her life as she did at that very moment. Being lead through the corridors of Space Dock with a team of Intelligence Security around her, she could feel the eyes of everyone on her. It wasn’t everyday that they got to see a security chief under arrest, so even on a shift as quiet as Delta, people were coming out of the woodwork to see what was happening.

And most of them are probably too stupid to realize what’s happening, she thought with a snort as they entered a waiting lift.

Closing her eyes to the agents surrounding her, Jennifer found herself thinking about her past. The long days in the arena at Necko started to flash before her eyes…

The roar of the crowds in the stand filled her ears as she lay on the dusty ground of the floor. The humid sun was beating down on her, making her sweat more then the exertion itself was.

A growl of frustration escaped her throat as she realized she was defenseless. Above her, a male gladiator stood, a sword raised up preparing to make the killing blow. She took a deep breath, expecting the searing pain of the blade penetrating her to be the next thing she experienced.

There was a glimmer of movement off to her side, but Jennifer kept her eyes on her opponent. With a glimpse of flashing steel, she felt a spray of blood cover her face. As she watched, her opponent staggered, his sword hitting the ground, both hands grabbing the rent in his side. Falling to his knees, he looked at her with a look of total shock before he collapsed and died.

His killer approached her, the gold trim of her blue uniform glittering in the sun. Wide expressive, brown eyes looked down at her with a combination of worry and humor. Using a glove to swipe her raven-colored hair from her face, the woman stuck her tongue out at Jennifer.

“You need a little help there, kiddo?” Kate asked her with a smile.

Jennifer sighed as she rolled back to her feet and grabbed her fallen sword. As was a usual part of their lives, Kate had saved her life again. While it was supposed to be her job to watch Kate’s back, she reminded herself with a grunt, it always seemed to be the other way around. Even though they made a good team, Kate was definitely the better warrior, the better killer then she would ever be…

“Of course I do,” she whispered, forgetting she was in the lift.

“Excuse me, Lieutenant?” the commander asked.


“If you say so,”
The commander turned back to face the doors of the lift, and Jennifer let her eyes wander on the men surrounding her. There was no way she could take them all, she mused, so she had no choice but to go with them. If they had sent only two agents, plus the commander, then she would have risked it. However, with seven on one, those odds wouldn’t have worked even for Kate!

Riding in silence, she thought about how humiliating this was. Nothing that Ferini had done to Kate or her compared to this, she thought with a frown, but the worst was still to come. There was no way that Johansson, or Beatty for that matter, were going to avoid using whatever methods they could to make her talk.
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