The Betrayal Chapter 30 Snippet (Violence and Language Warning)

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This chapter is more violent then the others I'm forewarning everyone...

The panicked cooks were finally moving out of their way, much to Kate’s relief. Why it took so long, she mused, she would never know. Who knew how much of their precious time was wasted trying to get through the damn fools in the first place! She just hoped it help out enough for them to get out the back door and into the safety of the street behind the building.

Jesus, she cursed silently as she bumped into a cook as she turned to look the way they had come. Couldn’t the ****ing idiots tell that someone coming through with a goddamn gun in her hands meant business?

The door that they had just come through flew open and the man Kate saw stepped through. He turned towards them, an automatic rifle now in his hands. These assholes really mean business, she thought as she pulled Kosloski down to the floor as he fired.

Her eyes rang as a steady stream of automatic bullets tore over their heads. Screams of pain filled the kitchen as cooks were cut down where they stood. A cook before her went down, a explosion of blood from his body spraying her face, sending blood into her nose and mouth as he fell. Gagging, she wiped at her face with the sleeve of her coat while she tried to spit the man’s blood out of her mouth.

This ****er’s going down! She raged in her head.

Gritting her teeth in a bloodlust driven frenzy, Kate raised her pistol up from the kneeling position she was in. She pulled the trigger, once, twice, three times at the man firing at them. The bullets struck the man in the chest, the three impacts slamming him back against the door. His lifeless form slid to the floor, a streak of blood being left on the door as he fell.

“Get the **** up!” she screamed at Kosloski. “Move that ass!”

The gunplay that had occurred had made the surviving cooks panic even worse. Everyone was racing for the door, armed or not, and trying to get out was a disaster. If they didn’t get killed in the trample to get out, Kate mused, and then the people gunning for them would kill them!

The mass of humanity squeezing through the door seized a hold of the two of them and carried them in its flow. Battered and beaten on all sides by the panicked cooks, they slipped through the door into the street beyond. A wild-eyed cook shoved by her, causing Kate to lose sight of Kosloski for a moment.

Looking up for him as she stumbled slightly, Kate heard the crack of a rifle shot. Ahead of her, the head of the cook, who had nearly knocked her over, exploded like an overripe melon. Blood and gray brain matter sprayed into her face as his headless body went to the ground, eliciting screams from the surviving cooks as they tried to escape.

Spotting Kosloski, she grabbed the back of his collar and pulled his down behind a ground car as another shot rang out. A bullet, the metal passing through his chest, struck a second hapless cook and coating the wall behind him in his blood as the impact blasted him back into it. Kate closed her eyes in both rage and sorrow as his body collapsed to the ground.

All of this because I stumbled upon their biological weaponry, she thought as self-incrimination washed over her in waves.

“You’re friends seem to want you and I dead,” Kosloski muttered.

“That’s no big surprise,” she said with a sigh. “They’ve been trying to kill me for years now.”

“When will they stop?”

“Good question,” she said. “When I know the answer I’ll get back to you…”
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