The betrayal Chapter 32 Snippet 1

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Okay so that’s where you are, she thought with a shiver. Now the question is what do I do about you?

Belly crawling until she was under the car, Kate looked up at him as her mind raced with options. As long as he was allowed to stay up there with impunity, they were sitting ducks for the rest of the team. With three people known, she was willing to bet now that the team was a five-person group. The only alternative, if they were going to survive, was to eliminate the sniper, and the only one who could do that was she.

Kosloski might be a field agent, she told herself. But he won’t be much use in this operation.

“You know,” he admitted from behind her. “You’re even more skilled then I suspected you were.”

“I’m glad I pass your test,” she muttered at him, not taking her eyes off the sniper. “But we’ve got a sniper to worry about.”

“I’ll get him,” he said as he started to move towards the end of the car.

Kate shoved herself out from under the car, grabbing him in her vice-like grip. Was this man a complete fool, she asked herself as she slammed him back on his backside. Never in her damned life had she seen someone whose bravado outdid his or her common sense!

“Jesus Christ!” she swore. “Are you ****ing stupid?”

“I just said I could take him…” he said, sounding thoroughly chastised.

“Mister Kosloski,” she said, her tone colder then ice. “You are a field agent, I was-am-a Special Ops Agent…I am the one more qualified to deal with this.”

“I understand that!”

“Besides,” Kate said, ignoring his protest. “You wouldn’t have made two steps before you would die. The sniper is across the road on the third floor.”

“You can see that far?” he asked, his admiration for her cybernetics growing.

“I’m bionic, remember?” Kate asked in a sour tone, hating to have to remind herself about it. Maybe, she reminded herself, it would have been better if Reyes had just let her die five years ago!

“I keep forgetting I saw that in your file,” Kosloski admitted with a shrug.

“You saw my file?” Kate looked at him, her eyes narrowing. Just who did this guy think he was? Her file was supposed to be sealed from anyone other then her superiors to see.

My superiors, she thought with a snort. The same assholes that are trying to kill me!

“I kind of hacked into the system to see it,” Kosloski admitted, his bravado wilting under her intense stare.

“When this is over,” she said, shaking a finger at him. “We’re going to have a talk about that!”

“That is if we get out of this,” he corrected her.

“You keep thinking that way,” she said. “And you will die. Now keep your ass down! I’ve got some work to do!”
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