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The Betrayal Chapter 32 Snippet 2 (violence warning)

Published by captain kate in the blog captain kate's blog. Views: 142

Letting the breath out, she stepped up onto the third floor landing, her eyes glued on the apartment she knew he was in. Before her, the door was cracked, allowing her to see the shadowy shape moving within. The sniper was panicking, she told herself as she crept nearer to the door. He had lost his prey, and it was throwing him off his training, and off his game!

Grabbing the doorknob in her hand, she slowly opened the door, her pistol leading. Seeing a shape ahead of her, she fired a shot, only to curse after she had done so. It wasn’t the damned sniper, she cursed! Looking at the dummy holding the rifle in its hands, she spun around, knowing she had fallen for his trick!

A crushing blow landed into her side, sending her pistol skidding across the room. She barely had time to recognize the sniper’s movement before her grabbed her by the collar of her coat, and threw her across the room. The dizzying flying sensation lasted a split second before she slammed into a wooden table, shattering it, as she landed on the floor.

Rolling back to her feet with a growl, she faced the man before her. Charging her, he launched at fist at her face, which she blocked with a circular move of her forearm, letting the blow send her opponent off balance. Reaching out with her hands, she grabbed her and sent him sliding across the floor to slam into a couch.

The room was filled with a cacophony of labored breathing as the two of them circled each other. She could feel the sweat running down her face, making her bangs stick to her forehead. So, she mused, he wanted to do this the old-fashioned way then. That was fine with her, so long as she was the last woman standing in the end!

He launched himself at her again, both hands trying to land a blow on her. She blocked one with her right hand while she felt him grab her combat knife off her belt. Cursing under her breath, she grabbed his wrist as they struggled over the knife. Slamming his forehead into hers, he sent Kate staggering back as he made a slicing motion with the knife. She screamed in pain as she fell back, a cut running diagonally on her side, the blood starting to run.

The son of a bitch cut me, she snarled as she brought her gloved hand back up with blood on it.

Growling like a caged animal, she launched herself back at him, catching both his hands in hers. Pushing forwards with her legs, he fell backwards and they went rolling through the doorway into the hallway beyond. His hand hit the ground hard, the knife being dropped from his grasp.

Kate grabbed the knife, one hand holding his away from hers, as she crawled astride him. She started to press the knife down towards his chest, but his other hand reached out and grabbed her wrist. With a grunt of effort, he started to move it up even with his neck. The sweat was pouring down her face, dropping into his eyes and over his face, as they strained to gain the upper hand.

Crying out in effort, she could feel the knife-edge closer and closer to his neck. If it goes in there, she told herself, it’s going to entire his jugular and that’s going be a big mess! The knife continued to edge closer to his throat, and Kate screamed as she put every ounce of her strength into it.

The man’s hand slid from the knife, and it sank into his neck. Penetrating the jugular vein, his blood sprayed all over Kate face and hair. His other hand dropped from hers as she watched the life ebb from his body. Rolling off of his body, and away from the pool of blood on the floor, she collapsed onto her back. She stared at the ceiling for several long moments as she panted for breath.
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