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The Betrayal Chapter 39 snippet

Published by captain kate in the blog captain kate's blog. Views: 145

Kate raced across the level and ducked behind some machinery. Panting, she wiped the sweat from her eyes as she pulled her bags away. This was getting old fast, she mused as she peeped around to see if anyone was closing on her location. Satisfied that no one was closing, she allowed herself to slip to the floor.

Jesus that was close,
she thought as she worked to catch her breath.

She shivered as she fought away the cold embrace of death loosen its grip on her. Being close to dying wasn’t something she was unfamiliar with, but that had been closer then most. With a sigh, she set had chin down on her chest as she closed her eyes.

While she sat there, the world started to dissolve away from her mind. Floating above the ground, she felt her consciousness soaring away from her body. Had she been hit, she wondered, and was she now dying? Watching from above, she saw herself feeling her torso for blood, and finding none.

What in the world is going on? She asked herself as she looked around and saw a reddish light before her.

Before her a shape started to appear in the light before her. As it moved towards her, it started to coalesce into a human form. An eyebrow rose as she watched a woman step out of the light. The woman wore a blue outfit, but not of a style that she recognized. On her shoulder was a patch of a flag that had red and white stripes with a blue upper left corner with stars inside it. Looking at the other woman, Kate felt her breath hitch as she noted the raven-colored hair and blues eyes the other woman had.

“Hello Katherine,” she said in a smoky voice that sounded much like hers.

“Who are you?” Kate asked, forcing her fear to the side.

“I am you and yet not you,”

Kate frowned as her eyebrows furrowed at the comment the other woman said. How could someone be her; she asked herself, and yet not be? Shaking her head, she wondered if she was having a breakdown. What else would explain this? That was what it was; it was a straight break from reality, and a breakdown due to the stress she had been under.

“You’re not real,” she said to the other woman. “I’m making this all up in my head.”

“This is real, Katherine,” the other woman said as she stopped before Kate.

Looking at the other woman’s clothing, Kate found an eyebrow rising again. A patch on the other woman’s chest said BROWN on it, and Kate assumed it was a uniform. It looked close enough to a military uniform, she mused, so if she had to bet, she was going in that direction.

“This can’t be real,” Kate said as she jerked her head in the direction of her body. “That’s real.”

“It’s all real,” Brown said.

“If this is all real,” she challenged the other woman. “Then what is all this about?”

“A part of a test, Katherine,”

“‘Katherine,” Kate snorted. “No one calls me that.”

The other woman surprised Kate by starting to laugh. With a hearty sound, she chuckled with genuine amusement for several moments before stopping. Looking up at Kate, her blue eyes were just as penetrating as Kate’s were. Shivering, Kate came to the realization what the people she gave that stare to felt.

“You’re very willful,” Brown said. “Very much like myself.”

“Who are you?”

“My name is Missy Brown,” she said. “You and I are one.”

“How can we be one?” Kate asked. “I don’t recognize your clothing at all.”

“I wouldn’t expect you to,” Brown said. “Since this a NASA uniform from the early twenty-first century.”

“This is the twenty-fourth century,” Kate said to her. “How can we be one then?”

“You and I will be one until the end of time,” Brown said.

“That doesn’t make any sense,”

“It doesn’t,” Brown said. “Because you don’t know who-or what-you are.”

“Then enlighten me,” Kate said as she crossed her arms over her chest in a defiant gesture.

“You, as were I, are part of a wave, a warrior caste that appears in man’s periods of need,”
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