The Betrayal Chapter 47 Snippet

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With a flash of light, she felt herself flying through time and space again. Below her, the Earth spun on its axis with a pace that was dizzying to try to comprehend. Giant space stations were built, lived and were scrapped before her very eyes as the time raced past. It was as if the whole of mankind’s existence was flashing before her very eyes.

“Which is it, little one,” Brown said.

“So,” Kate said softly. “My previous self helped turn the tide of the war against Hitler. I imagine what she did saved millions of lives in the long run.”

“It did that,” Brown said. “Because if D-day had failed, Hitler would have had time to develop the a-bomb before the Allies and would have won the war.”

“Did we have anything to do with that?”

“We did steal the plans and send them to the allies,” Brown said. “It was our last contribution to the war effort.”

“Why was that?”

“Because Hitler discovered out treachery shortly thereafter,” Brown said. “And he executed us.”

“That seems to be a recurring theme in our lives,” Kate said, realizing for the first time she was speaking aloud.

“It is, little one,”

With a sigh, she opened her eyes to the cabin that Ferini had picked for her. A cabin, she thought with a snort, more like a de facto prison cell! There was no way he was going to leave anything in there that she could use as a weapon! Not after their escape five years ago, and not if he was smart either!

Whatever drug he had used definitely packed quite a wallop, she thought with a groan. Her head, normally clear as a mountain sky, was throbbing in time with her heartbeat. However, as she lay there, she could feel it starting to subside slowly as the busy nanites in her system metabolized the drug.

And they can’t move fast enough for my liking, she thought as she raised a hand to her head on instinct.

She stared at her gloved hand for several, long moments as she though back to Haven. That bastard Kosloski had gotten her shut down codes, she fumed, and he had used them to immobilize her. That was the entire opening Ferini had needed to recapture her! If there was a worst situation for her to be in, she couldn’t think of one.

Trapped on a ship with the man who raped me repeatedly, she thought, headed back to the hell I escaped from…there isn’t much worse that could happen.

“Oh there is much worse,” Brown whispered in her ear.

“Honey,” she said with a growl. “There isn’t much worse then the man who has me in his grasp again.”

“Are you sure about that?”

“Yes I am,” Kate said as she climbed back to her feet.

Surprised that her legs and arms still moved she walked over to the window to look out. As the stars streaked past the armored glass, she found her mind racing. If he had used her shutdown codes, she told herself, then how was she able to walk now? There was no way Ferini would be dumb enough to allow her to keep her full power. While it didn’t give her an earth shattering advantage over a skilled opponent, it generally gave her enough to win.

He isn’t going to want that, she thought to herself. Ferini will want to have to advantage, which is typical of him.

Behind her the door to the cabin slid open…
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