The Betrayal Chapter 52 snippet

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Alex Abernathy sipped on her red wine with a contented sigh. Leaning back in her chair, she looked out over the vista of Washington DC. It was amazing, she thought as she twirled her wine around her glass, how little the masses knew. She knew it would blow their mind if they had known that the government itself had been behind the Galactic Trade Center attacks.

And they’ll never suspect us of being behind the rash of ‘enemy attacks’ on our colonies, she thought with a smirk.

She looked at the night sky beyond her window and contemplated the moves she had made. The betrayal of Almir to Ferini was something that she hadn’t shared with her superiors. While it had been unfortunate for Almir, it was a perfect situation for her. Seizing the opportunity, she had sent her best operative to deal with the woman.

Who will terminate her with extreme prejudice, she thought as she turned her chair back around to face her desk.

Before her was a holographic design of a complex that her people were building. The facility was for mining raw ore from the moon to support the coming war efforts. Holding thousands, it was also a facility where the dissidents and undesirables of the New Order could be housed until they could be eliminated. If they died while in slave labor, she thought with a shrug, then what skin was it off her back?

The com system on her desk chirped for her attention and she answered it. A typed message came across her terminal, which took her just a second to read. Killing the terminal again, she turned back around to face the skyline. Sipping at her wine again, she could help by start to chuckle.

“Oh my dear, Captain Almir,” she said. “I think you’ll have a nice surprise waiting for you from Operative X when you try to escape…”


She had taken the job as maid to keep her cover from being blown. It was an easy job, she told herself, allowing her to keep an eye on both visitors and slaves. Abernathy had been worried about her being able to penetrate the security that Ferini had, but it had been absurdly easy. He was so wrapped up in his conquest of Almir, she mused, that he had let his guard down at the worst possible place.

Watching Ferini strut himself made her want to laugh at the stupidity of it all. When in training, the very first thing that Abernathy had taught her was to never let your duty become personal. Once you let your personal emotions get involved, she heard her commander say a thousand times, then your ability to complete your task goes out the window. Business is business and pleasure is…well its pleasure.

It was just going to be a matter of time before Almir tries to escape, she thought as she clenched her hand into a fist. And when she does, I’ll be waiting for her…


“Jesus Christ!” Paul breathed.

When they entered the courier ship, the first thing they had noticed was the number of weapons stored aboard. Handguns, rifles, assault rifles and automatic machine guns lined the passenger compartments. Throw in a few grenades, and Reyes had given them a virtual weapons depot to use on this mission.

“You’d think we were going into war with the Ragnar,” he moaned as he shook his head.

“And a pilot attached to us too,” she added. “Giving us complete privacy from prying eyes. What more could you ask for?”

Paul settled himself onto one of two luxurious couches in the lounge while Brooks did too. Feeling the craft accelerate away from space dock, he knew the problems were just beginning. There was a possibility that the Skipper could already be dead, he mused, which wouldn’t bode well for them. Or their cover could be blown, which would be even worse since the Games Masters were known for killing the people who tried to infiltrate their organizations.

“How about being able to live until I’m gray-haired and old?” he asked with a smile. “That’s all I could ask for.”

“Good luck,” Brooks’ tone was deathly serious. “Because we either get the Skipper out or die trying.”

Paul looked away to hide the involuntary shudder he had…
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