The Betrayal Chapter 53 snippet

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A groan escaped her lips as she reached up to touch her aching head. Whatever he had used this time to drug her, she thought, it was certainly potent if the busy little nanites in her body couldn’t break it down. She moved her torso and jerked straight up in shock.

“What the hell?”

She looked down and found herself in a king-sized bed with silken sheets covering her nearly nude body. The bastard had undressed her; she fumed as she clenched her hands into fists. While he had left her bra and underwear on, she was completely naked otherwise.

Finding her eyes drawn down to her pelvis, she traced the faint lines that branched up into it. She felt her mind drawn back to the day she awoke on the Hornblower with Matthews for the first time. Headstrong as she was, she had ripped a sheet off her body before the skin had grafted over her bionics. There’s nothing like seeing her legs with flesh forming over them, she reflected, to realize that things would never be the same again.

Closing her eyes on the memory, she took a deep breath to clear her head. In its place, she felt the familiar rage at Ferini start to build inside her head. If it hadn’t been for him, she raged, then replacing her legs wouldn’t have been necessary! Everything was his fault, and no matter how much it cost her, he was going to pay for her suffering!

Clone or not, she thought. He’ll die again for this!

Looking around the room she was in, she came to realize it was the exact same one she had fled from five years ago. Everything was just as she had left it when she escaped his grasp. Could had have honestly left it like this, she asked herself, in the hope that he would get his hands on her again? Unfortunately, knowing the man as she did, she already knew the answer to that…

Tossing the sheets off her body, she slipped across the room. Running a hand through her hair, it came back somewhat greasy from lack of washing. That meant, she reflected, that he had to have kept her under for two days at least. With a sigh, she headed for the shower, suspecting her would want her to give him another audience.

As the water ran over her body, she touched her face with a hand. Every time they healed her, she was amazed at the tiny little nanites. The beating that Ferini’s guards had given her were one of the worst she had received in a while, and yet, two days later there wasn’t a scar of bruise from it. If there was one thing she found herself thankful to Matthews for, other then being alive still, it was the little machines in her body.

Lathering herself up with soap, she found herself thinking about what was happening outside Necko. Out there here friends were laboring to prevent darkness from enslaving the galaxy, and she was stuck here! Sometimes, she raged, it seemed so unfair about how things happened to her. It was almost like she had to suffer before she could be victorious over her enemies.

“Which is what I’ve been trying to tell you, little one,” Brown said.

“Jesus, woman,” Kate said as she jumped in surprise. “How about some warning next time?”

Brown’s chuckle filled her head, as the other woman seemed to be pleased with her accomplishment. Yeah, Kate mused, it’s easy to sneak up on someone where one is living in their head. She’d love to have seen Brown try that in real life! She might have gotten up lucky, and only had a couple of bones broken!

“You know,” Kate said as she set her head on the side of the shower in exasperation. “You seem to show up at the worst possible times!”

“Or maybe the best,” Brown said. “It depends on your viewpoint.”
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