The Betrayal Chapter 7 snippet 1

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Jennifer took a deep breath before she reached out to the door controls. No matter how comfortable they were now, no one was entering the command center until she had examined it first. Part of the joys of being Security Chief, she mused as the door slid aside with a swoosh, is to be willing to take the bullet meant for someone else.

Stepping inside, Jennifer noted how much brighter the lighting was inside then in the corridor she had left. With her rifle glued to her eye, she slowly moved across the room. The computers and machinery surrounding her made loud clicks and hums as they busily worked. Nothing like the noise of machines to make one’s nerves get on edge, she mused as she sweat ran down her cheek.

Jennifer let out a breath she had been holding as she made her way down the right side of the room. The command center for the base was laid out similar to the Roanoke’s bridge, but it was larger. A massive view screen filled the far end of the room, with computers and operator’s desk filling the entire square-shaped room.

Stopping before the view screen, Jennifer scanned the room with a nervous eye. While this location allowed her to see the entire room, it also allowed someone to see her as well. They wouldn’t have a hard time hitting their target, she reminded herself as she noted the three offices to her right.

“Main room is clear,” she said as she made her was towards the first office’s door.

The door slid aside for her, revealing a darkened room beyond. Carefully reaching out, she ran her hand over where the sensor for the lights would be located. With a sudden brilliance the nearly made her jump, the lights came on to reveal and empty office. Paperwork and computer chips were strewn all over the desk before her; reminding her how quickly the occupants had fled.

Hopefully they left some information behind we can use, she thought to herself as she backed out of the office.

Moving down to the second and third offices, everything was repeated. While the computer had killed the lights to conserve power, nothing had been hidden. It was obvious that when the order to leave had come in, no one had taken anything with him or her. While that could be good thing, she reminded herself, it could also be a bad thing.

Stepping back from the open doorway she bumped into something behind her. Jumping with her nerves, her head depressed the trigger on the rifle again. Another load roar filled the room as it discharged the remains of the clip she had in it.

“Hold you fire, damn it!” Paul yelled into her ear.

“Damn it, sir!” Jennifer exclaimed as she changed out the clip on her rifle. “You need to tell me when you’re behind me!”
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