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The Betrayal Chapter 9 snippet 3

Published by captain kate in the blog captain kate's blog. Views: 125

“Helm!” Kate snapped. “Get us the hell out of here!”

“Coming about, Skipper!” Williams shouted of the din of damage reports coming into the bridge.

Suddenly, the entire bridge leapt like it was trying to commit a high jump. All lighting to the room went dark and there was a horrible screeching and rending sound as the starboard side bulkhead ripped open to space. The damage control force fields reacted as quick as they could, but not before Kate watched, with a horrified expression, as Marie and her entire station were sucked into space.

Screams reached Kate’s ears as splinters of metal went shooting across the bridge. A large one struck Malone, decapitating him, and sending a spray of blood across the bridge, the blue lighting of the force fields making it visible. Another piece of metal landed in the controls beside Williams, sending them up in a shower of sparks that sent him to the deck.

A second piece of metal went racing across the bridge, slicing the environmental controls officer in half. Paul started to gag as he tried to wipe the blood and bodily matter from the unfortunate ensign from his face. Spitting, he tried to clear his mouth as Kate glanced back towards the view screen. The damned battle cruiser was eating them for lunch; they need to get out of there!

Seeing that someone needed to be on the helm, Kate leaped to her feet. She took a step forwards before a huge fist slammed into her right shoulder and then into her temple. The impact sent her to the deck, blood running down into her right eye. Trying to get back to her feet, she saw the main power come back online as Paul raced over to the helm.

“Jump,” she whispered, feeling unconsciousness drawing her into its steely grip. “Jump…”
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