The Betrayal Ending part 1

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Stumbling into the street outside the refinery, Kate felt like she weighed three tons. The bone-weary exhaustion she had started to feel during her fight was starting to catch up to her, leaving her groggy and mentally slow to react. If it weren’t for needing to keep up with Kosloski, she told herself, then she would have gone back to her fighter and slept. However, until she knew he was okay, she couldn’t afford to do that quite yet.

Ahead of her, crowds milled around the streets, and the police were out in full force. That wasn’t surprising, she mused, given the number of shots fired and the people killed. She grimaced when she noted that they were all over the building where she had left Kosloski. Someone must have found the dead sniper she had left behind, she reflected with a snort.

Approaching the crowds, she tried to be careful to keep folks from seeing the blood on her. If too many people noted had blood-covered she was, then they were liable to alert the police, and it would cause more questions then she really wanted to answer. But, she told herself, if they did corner her, she would have to tell them who she was and why she was being shot at. To do otherwise would lead to even more trouble then talking to them would have been.

She worked her way through the throngs of people, her eyes downcast to keep from making contact. Everything about her was a mess; her hair was disheveled, and the knife cut through her jumpsuit stuck out like a sore thumb. The pale skin underneath stood out in stark contrast to the black material, drawing eyes to it like a moth to a flame.

I wonder if the idiot would have enough brains to go to the spaceport? She asked herself as she tried to change her direction.

The shear number of people who had come out to see the results of the shoot-out were staggering. There had to be a couple hundred people milling around, she told herself, and they were all watching the bodies being taken out. Feeling a twang of anger rising in her stomach, she wished she had been able to do the same thing, but she was too busy having to fight to stay alive! Boy did these people not know how good they had it!

Passing through the crowd, her luck finally ran out. Someone noticed her bloody condition and she saw out of the corner of her eye, a man talking to an officer. What a horrible time to have to deal with them too, she reflected as she saw a pair of officers coming her way. Picking up the pace, she tried to move through the crowd faster.

I really don’t have the time for this,
she told herself as she started to clear the crowd.

“Hey you,”

She felt herself stop at the sound of the officer behind her. Every muscle in her exhausted body went taught with tension. There was no way to avoid having to interact with them now, she mused, all while she needed to try to find the man she had been sent to find. Could things on this mission possibly get any worse?

I’m afraid to ask,
she thought.

“Yeah you,” the officer said. “Turn around,”

With a sigh, she complied with his request and she turned to face him. The man looked at her with hardening eyes, his face a mask. There’s no way he couldn’t think she wasn’t involved, she mused, not with the blood and tissue in her hair. The man would have to be a complete idiot to think she hadn’t been involved!

“Put your hands in the air,” he said.

Doing as she was told, Kate let her eyes lock in on his. The two officers, she thought, didn’t know what they were messing with. Even in her exhausted state, she knew could take the two of them out in seconds if she wanted. However, she mused, it seemed the best course of action was to keep her mouth shut until necessary.

“Who are you?” he asked as his partner covered her with a pistol.

She sighed in disgust at the question, because now it was time to talk. By the time she got through with them, she mused, she would be lucky if she caught back up with Kosloski! However, she would tell them what they wanted, and hope it wouldn’t take them forever to let her go.

“I’m a Special Ops Agent with Fleet Intelligence,” she said with a sigh.

“I’ve heard of you guys,” the officer said. “You’re real bad ass’s, aren’t you?”

“Something like that,”

“Was this your doing?”

“Yes and no,” she said with a shrug.

“That’s not much of an answer,” he said, suspicious to the core.

“I didn’t start the shooting if that’s what you’re wanting to know,” she said. “But I did defend myself when fired upon.”

“We’ve got a total of sex people dead,” he said. “Counting two gunmen. What was your role in that?”

“I killed the two gunmen if that’s what you’re asking,” she said. “But the others weren’t killed by me.”

“You have and ID on you?”

“If you let me drop my hands,” she said. “I have my Fleet ID.”
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