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The Betrayal Revised Chapter 15

Published by captain kate in the blog captain kate's blog. Views: 118

Moving quietly through the night, he was sure no one had seen him. Why couldn’t she live someone more secluded, he asked himself as he crossed a dark street. She had no idea, of course, the risk to his own life he was taking to see her. Satisfied that no one was following him, he stepped into her building.

He squinted as the bright lights hurt his eyes, which were accustomed to the dark. Closing them for a second, he re-opened them and started to move. Stepping into a waiting lift, he hit the button before leaning against the wall, waiting.

He stepped out of the lift when the doors slid aside. It had been a year since he had been there, yet it felt like it was just yesterday. Like there was much chance of him forgetting, he reminded himself, because like everything else she touched, the place he was heading was unforgettable.

With a smile, he pulled out his sonic screwdriver as he stopped before her door. Setting it for the right job, he put it to work on the door lock. Within seconds, it was unlocked and he stepped inside.

The first thing he heard was the sound of the shower. No doubt, he chuckled; she was enjoying one of her long, hot showers. She was going to pissed that he interrupted it, but she would get over it; time was of the essence.

He stepped toward the running shower.


Kate felt the hot water on her bare skin as the steam caressed her with its touch. Luxuriating in it, she twisted like a cat, the tension in her body leaving. With a sigh of pleasure, she ran the soap over her body.

No matter how stressful things get, Kate thought. A nice hot shower takes it away.

She lifted her head out of the water and looked at her Kimber on the shelf beside her. After all that Fleet had done, there was no way she was going to let her guard down. They could try to kill her, she mused, but they would have a surprise if they did.

As she lathered shampoo into her hair, a smile of guilty pleasure crossed her lips. It was hard to believe, she thought, that she had known nothing of items like this! Until she had escaped Necko, she had never experienced the joys that woman in civilized worlds took for granted. There was nothing like a sweet-smelling shampoo in your hair, she thought as the lather’s aroma reached her nose.

She leaned back and let the water run through her hair. The steaming water took all her cares away as it rinsed her, running through her bangs and down her tresses. Running her fingers through her hair to keep it from tangling, she sighed.

Stepping out of the water’s stream, she shook her hair behind her. She grabbed her Kimber as a sound reached her ears. No one was supposed to be here for another hour, she thought, so they weren’t wasting time trying to eliminate her.

Kate was thankful she had picked a dark shower curtain because it allowed her to move without being seen. Clicking the safety off slowly, she managed to keep the sound from being heard over the running water.

Whoever they sent, she thought, would be expecting me to be unarmed, not pointing a loaded pistol at them.

She ripped the curtain open, her pistol leading the way. Nothing could have prepared her for who she saw. She fought the urge to keep her jaw from dropping. How many times had she told him to warn her before arriving unannounced?

Damn it, she cursed mentally, do all men have death wishes or are they just plain stupid?

“I thought I told you not to sneak in,”


A feeling of guilt for not calling first washed over him as he stepped into the bathroom. Kate was going to kill him, he told himself. However, with the speed that things were moving, he didn’t have the time to spend on niceties. She would just have to get over it.

The curtain before him was ripped open with a speed that stunned him. Feeling his jaw drop, he saw Kate naked for the first time in a year. The shock of seeing her naked was replaced by
the fact a pistol was aimed at his head.

“I thought I told you not to sneak in,” she growled.


She cursed loud enough to rattle the walls as she lowered her pistol. Snorting in disgust, she looked at the man before her. A soft scream of frustration escaped her lips as she placed both hands on her head. Just why the hell couldn’t people listen, she thought.

“Christopher Thaddeus Brindle,” she said through clenched teeth. “You’d better go sit your ass down in that couch out there and do not move! If you move I’ll kill you myself, got it?”

He nodded, feeling thoroughly chastised. Everyone knew he went by Thad, he mused, but it was proof of how disgusted she was. However, she would get over it in the end after she heard him out.

“Now let me finish my shower,”
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