The Betrayal RW Chapter 7 snippet 2

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She stared at the holovid for long moments, her mind blank with rage. So the Benham had been ordered out there, she raged behind the mask she wore, and was a lamb to slaughter! They knew, goddamn it, they knew!

After discovering an alien relic on a planet in this sector, they had reverse engineered the weaponry onto a battle cruiser. Needing to test it against a real warship, they had ordered Janice out her to her death! The sorry bastards, she wanted to scream, they were going to pay for each and every life they ended on that ship!

Janice didn’t stand a ****ing chance, Kate was full of wrath as stood up.

She screamed with all her might as she swiped everything off the desktop in one move. Jabbing a fist down, she shattered the desk under her bionic strength. Splinters flew everywhere. All this ****ing betrayals, she thought, because they had found new technology!

With her anger exhausted, she leaned against a wall and slid down to the floor. In its place, a soul draining depressing replaced it as she wept uncontrollably over her lost friend. Everything she had taught herself to believe, she mused, had turned into a lie. A manipulation of others, all for their own sordid gain.

Silently, she cried, cried and cried as the pain washed over her in waves…


A scream of pure rage and utter depression caused Loving to whirl her head around. She heard the crashing sounds and she swallowed hard. Inside Kate was trapped in hell, she mused, and she needed to go to her. How would Kate be able to keep going with everything she believed in was a lie?

I doubt I would want to live further, she told herself, stopping Paul’s movement toward the office with a swiping motion of her hand. And as tough as Kate is, I won’t be surprised if she doesn’t feel the same way.

Peering inside, she saw Kate on the floor, head buried in her hands. The loud sound of her weeping made Loving feel like she had been kicked in the stomach. She closed the door behind her and she sat down beside her friend. Without a word, she slipped a hand around Kate and looked into her eyes, which were red from crying.

“Oh, Kate,” she said, hugging her tight to her body. “I’m so sorry…”

“The bastards,” Kate wept. “The heartless mother ****in’ bastards!”

“I know,” Jennifer said, stroking Kate’s raven-colored hair softly.

“They didn’t have to kill her!” Kate wailed. “Janice didn’t need to die!”

“No, they didn’t,” she said. “But now we know why they were out here, and where the battle cruiser went."

Kate looked up at Loving, her eyes still full of pain, but the prospect for revenge burning in them. She couldn’t possibly be serious, they said as they looked at her. Amongst the burning embers of her trust, Jennifer could see the prospect of retaliation starting to take place in Kate’s mind.

“The next place that ship was heading was Nu Scorpii,” Jennifer said.

“I’m going to nail that bastard,” Kate murmured, hatred burning in her voice. “If it kills me…”
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