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The Bookshelf

Published by Anntoninette in the blog Anntoninette's blog. Views: 89

Imagine a beautiful library. This library holds books that pair together. Fitting into the slots next to each other in harmony and peace.
Imagine now there are two books that need to go on the shelf, and there's a spot perfect for them. One book is hardcover. It's cover very thick, heavy. and somewhat rough around the edges, but full of life and wonderful love stories to be matched only by the one dares to carry and read the chapters. It's not an easy read, and patience is necessary to get through each page. Worth it for sure though. And a great ending, but hard to finish.
The second book is a paperback. Thick with pages and full of life as well. It's edges are also worn, and life's lessons have taken their toll. But it's read is romantic, nurturing, and the love story it has to tell is full of protection and honor. The ending also a wonderful part of this book and worth the read as well.
Now, picture the second book is open and ready to be put on the shelf with it's match. But with the first book always closed, and the second one always open.. how do the two books fit together on the shelf?
They don't. They can't. It's literally impossible for the two books to fit together, even though the spot is a perfect fit for them. The second book refuses to close. It's an open book, it's comfortable and loves being open and ready to read at any moment needed.
If both books were closed all the time they would just sit on the shelf and collect dust as life passes by. You would think that the two would balance each other out. But they don't, because the first book wants to be on the shelf, remaining closed and protected within itself. Never to be read by a soul.
So it is put there. To remain unread.
And the second book stays laying out, for the world to see...
Alone as well...
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