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The broken man and The broken heart

Published by katja123 in the blog katja123's blog. Views: 252

He knew he loved her, he just did not know how to express himself. So instead he pushed her away. He pushed her away so that he could protect himself from the harm that she might inflict on him or the harm that he might inflict on her. He thought endlessly of all the ways he could disappoint her and thought of ways he could leave her. But somehow, he always found his way back to her. Whether it be in a theoretical situation his mind fabricated or in his day to day interactions with her. He just could not leave her alone. One day he considered packing his belongings and leaving in the middle of the night, but when he took his first step out of the door he saw her, standing on this porch, in a short sheer dress, dark brown hair and dark brown eyes staring back at him with disapproval and a tear running down her cheek. He knew he loved her, which is why he needed to go. He knew he loved her but the sight of her broke his heart. He knew he loved her, but he knew he had to stay, for seeing her get her heart broken would tear away at his soul. Knowing that he pushed her away he tried to apologize but she turned around and ran into the forest. He knew he loved her but he could not stop her. He was frozen at the door. He knew the sight of him saddened her, breaking her heart into many tiny pieces, so he didn’t chase her.
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