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The burial of Scott Matthews ™

Published by ts735b in the blog ts735b's blog. Views: 224

The undertaker drew a deep breath! He exhaled little billows of cold air while awaiting the hearst carrying my lifeless body.
Prior to death, I took special pains to select an ideal plot.
A mossy glen with a mill by the pond of my boyhood swimming hole served like the ideal welcome mat for the return of this native son long gone from his family estate of Glen Elm.
Death struck unexpectedly while dodging the madding crowd jostling to get a glimpse of this renown author where fame seemed destined to track me down.
As the advocate of countless essays on inalienable rights for all creatures large and small, no pause from the hounding local populace offered peace of mind.
Until now!
The prospect of dying never scared this non-believer!
Cessation of consciousness essentially served completion of life in corporeal form and reconstituted physical being into grist for other organisms to flourish!
Karma and the glorious unique characteristic that comprised each of our respective charisma, dogma, and persona (generally comprising an enigma to the world) absorbed after contract with cosmic creator lapsed!
Brief occupancy on this terra firmae as inscribed in genetic code (merely a blink of an eye in the universal schema) gave this now deceased dreamer notion to maximize enjoyment of each day!
One need not globe trot (and boast of espying exotic places), but could experience inner harmony by imbibing the present.
Simple pleasures that abounded in the wild or evoked via the creative imagination of august writers supplied ample sustenance for satisfaction!
Contemplative and introspective mien prompted Eros to be discerned in the grand canyon of Mother Nature in tandem with personal motive to indulge like-minded thinkers since the beginning of time!
Any given day frequently found thoughts turning over every figurative jagged rolling stone when the grim reaper might spring a surprise visit, which metaphysical thought interestingly enough gave sigh of relief!
Upon termination of enjoying existence in living color, the eradication of this pet peeve of mine i.e. anxiety/ panic attacks interwoven with inxs of obsessive compulsive behavior would dissolve into the basic elements of earth, wind and fire!
Marshall of the non-entity dimension would assume command!
Those former psychological trials would thence be relinquished from their parasite role and recompose cells of one mortal man (me) into matter to be recycled into raw materiel for other organisms to feast upon!
Basic constituent cells of this Homo sapiens would become necessary seeds for some other manifestation for plant or animal development!
Molecular features would assume novel combinations thru said degradation of flesh, yet improvisation of biology would wield wasted corpse that once epitomized an articulate, civil, enumerate, glib, invertebrate, kind male into novel marvels of unpredictable genus and species!
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