The Cat and The Dog <-- boring title, right? :p

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Haha, I decided to put a poëm up I wrote once for a member of an other forum, who's one of us now too, btw. :)

Ahum, Memphis, here's your poëm. ;)

The Cat and The Dog

The cat said "mow!"
The dog said "woof!"
and UP cat jumped
all up the roof.

The cat up the roof
and the dog on the ground,
he barked and he barked,
but she didn't come down.

The dog got a ladder
and climbed till the top
he growled at the cat,
and surprised she screamed "STOP!"

"Since when can a dog climb?"
"Since when can you talk?"
said doggy to catty,
"All we do is walk!"

"All right," said the dog then,
"All right," said the cat,
"Let's be again normal
and act like a pet."

They behaved again normal
on from that day,
but normal for those pets
was: fighting always!

(Yeah, I know it sucks, but I always thought it was funny :p)
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