The Child Within

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There was a little girl who played under the trees while dreaming in her private world of make believe. She dreamed of having a life all her own, serving tea to the dolls who would one day become her family and friends.

As she grew older she would continue to dream beneath the trees which stood behind her home. Climbing to the top of their branches she would think about who she might one day become. Often times, looking up into the sky, she would pray that she would be this truly remarkable person she envisioned.

Through many years of dreaming and waiting, she became a grown woman. Those dreams remained as she married and had children. Sadly, life took it's true course and as the days turned into years she lost sight of that little girl. Yet this child was forever with her.

One day, while spending time alone, that child came to visit through several bittersweet memories. She was still wide eyed and her curly blond hair fell across her shoulders. The woman looked at her and realized she had missed this little girl.

Then the strangest thing happened, all of those dreams washed over this woman's heart and soul. Through tears she knew she had lost touch with the most essential part of herself. Those dreams where just as important today as they were back then.

This woman is me and that little girl still dreams inside of me. I hope that when I am old and time has dimmed my eyes, I can say that I lived a good life and everything I desired for myself was true and honest. It is my desire that those who love me most will know I lived this life well and it was an awesome ride.

I dream that when I close my eyes in final rest, this little girl will come and take my hand leading me to the place where all dreams come true as we dream forever.

It isn't childish to dream, it is foolish to take life so seriously we miss out on the magic of being alive.
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