The Conspiracy Theorist

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Human logic should go by another name, or logic itself should get another definition, because it seems that the only beings reportedly capable of logic observe the concept more in the breach than in any other circumstance.

I spent half an hour with this fellah' on the phone today as he was trying to weedle out of the representative trying to help him, why in the world the electric company had chosen not to send him a bill. The customer was up in arms. He had gotten it into his head that the company must have made some sort of malicious decision to mess with him by not sending him a bill.

I get these kinds of illogical trains of logic aaaaaaaallllllllll the time from the customers for whom I translate. Almost always, these trains of illogic have as their central point some sort of conspiracy to do random harm to clients. As if somehow random harm was in the company’s financial interest to perpetrate. I understand how well planned harm might be lucrative, but random harm?

What happens to people to make them go down the Conspiracy Theory path? What makes a person believe that it is significantly more probable that the electric company just wanted to mess with him by not sending him a bill rather than the idea that the bill simply didn’t make it through the vast cavernous maw that is the USPS?


I just…

I mean, really…

*deep breath*

I just don’t get it.
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