The Contested History of Tranh Cãi

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The Contested History of Tranh Cãi is a novella which takes place in a fictitious, newly constructed city in Northeast, South Vietnam in August of 1970.

During its opening celebration, and while the city is being guarded by a section of American soldiers and policemen of 101st Airborne Division The City of Tranh Cãi and the surrounding area is attacked by the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese Army.

An exciting story of men trapped behind walls trying to protect the ideals of freedom in a remote, tumultuous, and unforgiving place. The Contested History of Tranh Cãi takes you to the leaders and into a battle between the two most blooded armies on the planet during that time period.

I selected Northeast, South Vietnam because it has the most notoriously unpredictable weather of any section of that country. It had hills and valleys, inland waterways and lots of real estate. It was also close to what was the demilitarized zone and to the South China Sea. It offered me unpredictability.

As I understand it, the coast in that area was a must have for the communists because it’s capture would prove to China and Russia that North Vietnam had the ability to capture ports capable of receiving shipping, and within a reasonable distance from the demilitarized zone, without being fired on by the United States. The communists planned to increase the no fire zone.

It was also a bargaining chip for the North because they needed to prove that a full scale operation, with defiant goals was possible. Then they could receive more armaments which they needed to take over the rest of South Vietnam. This plan did work, and eventually it was largely responsible for the fall of the South.

It is a work of fiction, my first, and I wrote it with intentions of tying other works I have undertaken into it in order to create a series of Novels. It is, by itself, a complete story, and I thought, at the end, it created a good, overall product. Below is a link to a site where you can buy the E-Book for just $2.99.
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