The Cure for the Common Piggie Flu

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I'm sick. I'm not entirely sure if I have H1N1, but I have the majority of the symptoms with few exceptions. A friend of mine had it (he was tested and it was positive for H1N1) and said it only lasted three days, but it was the worst three days of his life. Then again, he's only twenty so I'm sure he's bound to have worse days. Nevertheless, after roughly four days I am doing well. The only problem which still persists is a soured stomach.

For the first two days I felt like absolute hell. I had a fever, my head was killing me and I didn't eat anything. And then I realized that I was sick... yes, the two days I spent sick was not a clear enough message that I was in fact sick. It is either a statement on the flu or my own mental health. Anyhow, on the third day I decided to suck it up and get better. So I did, and now I am. End of story...

Alright, alright, here's my method: plenty of V8, engorge your body with vitamins, drink plenty of tea, and eat your way out of the sickness. I kid you not on the third day I ate four helpings of potatoes, eggs, and bacon. I felt better than I ever had before. On the fourth day, however, the soured stomach came back and I had to eat some more bacon. Well, this morning I feel a little lightheaded and my stomach is still soured, but it's a vast improvement from the last four days.

Time to go eat some bacon!

Alright, maybe the whole bacon thing doesn't actually work. Instead, I think it's the mere fact that I am thinking positively. I know it sound absurd, and in fairness it is, but once I realized I was sick and there was nothing I could do but feel better forcibly I did. The power of the mind is an amazing thing and when you put it to work you can some pretty astonishing things. I know, I know, I've probably gone insane from all of the tea I've had in the last three days, but I don't care. I feel better.
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