The Dark Writer

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In a room where darkness dances with the flicker of candlelight, my blood stains the tip of a black feathered pen.

In seclusion my dark heart pours from the vessel of my mind and piece by piece a dark vision is revealed into the world.

What I finally decided is that I would write from this angle and explore it, digging far into the taboo beyond the mere need for novelty and more on the side of a primitive curiosity into those realms deep within us shrouded in mystery and curiosity. The parts we blush or recoil to uncover and how those secret parts we believe we have conquered with reason and restraint secretly rule all of the world around us.

In my craft, men will wield the blackest of magic and that which is praised as angels will be as devils upon devils. In m writing, I hope to convey the true extent to why the ancients feared and recoiled from the dark places. Why they feared the night and why such religious lunacy was a grasped with terrified necessity.

I'm going to create the ultimate fire side fright story. Something, I hope, will make yo shake to your core.
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