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The day after I praise the boards...

Published by Marshmallow in the blog Marshmallow's blog. Views: 91

...I get IP banned. I don't know what it was about, but I got on today and it said an admin IP banned me.

Later the ban was lifted, but I was still quite curious as to what happened. I thought that maybe someone got all offendicated over something I said in the theology thread, but then I realized that no one would care about what some young whipper snapper had to say anyway, let alone take offense to it.

Regardless, today I found out this chick I was talking to started dating one of her exes again...big deal, right? Well here's the story:

We were talking for quite some time, and the only place we really see each other is at church. I mean, yeah, we can both drive, but we're both really busy. So anyway, one day she makes the offhand remark that she doesn't want me to ask her out at church. I take this in, thinking to be the clever creative person and, you know, listen to what she said and not ask her out at church.

I finally get to the point where I'm willing to dive in, you know, to make that big commitment (and I have really bad trust issues, so this is hard for me). I call her to see if she's home, no answer. I stop by anyway, no one home.

So I get a little worried cuz she won't return my calls and I haven't seen her at church.

Well, yesterday a guy tried to add me on myspace...and I was kind of curious as to why he would have a picture of him kissing this girl I've been talking to as his default.

Turns out she started dating this guy because she thought I was ignoring her. Her justification: she gave me plenty of opportunities to ask her out and I never took them. My question: when? Her response: "Why do you think I went to church all those Wednesdays when we were talking?"



She told me that this guy (apparently one of her many ex-boyfriends) just started texting her. He asked her out and now they're dating. And now I'm pissed.

I brought it to her attention that it was her dumb ass that told me not to ask her out at church. I also talked to her about going over to her house.

She's being a total dykeasaurus rex about it too, laying blame and stuff. It doesn't really seem like my fault, but nothing really does from my perspective.

Was I in the wrong guys? Help me better understand this situation.
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