The Death of Love

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My tears rolling down my cheeks

in the ocean they lay..

But nothing u can see,

My pointless conversations

and the emptiness in my voice..

Thre's nothing u can feel,

My stare at the clock

and the hours dat i wait..

There's nothing u know,

My heart dat turned black

and stopped pumping..

But nothing suffocated u,

My lonely World

wid darkness all around..

Yet htere's nothing u can do!

once my strength

ure love is now my weakness..

wid da cut so deep , lyk da one in my heart..

I walk away ..

and wid my once 'perfect' life I move on..

I move on..

so dependent on u dat alone i can't be,

Love u so much dat hatred there can't be,

Trust u wid my most nd u play wid it..m now left loosing it all

one we were..u made two

lost is a lot but no time to search..

forgetting all good and bad I accept as it comes,

The Death Of Emotions,

The Death Of Desires,

The Death Of Needs,

The Death Of Wants,

The Death Of Feelings,

The Death Of Pain,

The Death Of Trust,

I welcome as it comes..

The Death Of Love..
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