The door creaks open... a head pops around the corner... who is it? It's ME!

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Hello old friends, it's been a while since I spoke to you all last, hasn't it? There has been a lot going on over the last year and there haven't been enough hours in the days to see me get around to visit and say hello.

The last year has seen many changes for my family. I had a baby, little baby Tobin, who came into this world weighing in at just over 4lb, and now... there is only 11 days until he turns the big 1! Where the heck has this year gone? I've no idea. I can hardly believe he is almost 1 year old. Soon, he'll be a baby no more, and will transform into a walking talking toddler, driving us insane with getting into everything and trying to run away from us at every chance he gets. I can't wait. It's going to be so much fun!

These last 12 months have also seen the demise of Manji Towers, and the rising of our New House, with the Giraffe BBQ! Yes, it looks like Giraffe spots. hehe! :p The kids also changed schools, and Dan is still working as head of science at the local high school. It's been great. My 6 yr old has improved his grades and my daughter is loving her new classmates, no more bullying for her! YAY!

Me? What's new with me you ask? Not much at all really. I've been doing homework with my oldest, my 5 yr old is writing stories and illustrating them herself (so impressed with her work actually) and I've been teaching Tobin to read. Tobin? To read? Yeah, he is only 11 months now, but it'll set him up for the right start! It's so much fun! He's also learning maths. :)

But yes, this is my grand return to these here boards of the writing forum. I'm trying to get back into the swing of writing and thought I'd try my hand at writing some poetry once again and hopefully, I'll get back to it in the next few months. I've plenty of ideas, but that is only half the battle, getting it to paper is the hard part. I'm reading a book at the moment called: Rhyme's Reason, by John Hollander at the moment, and it's quite good. I've learned a good few things about rhyming that I didn't know before. (yup, you can teach an old dog new tricks!)

So much to say really, but you can only keep a persons interest for so long before they wish you'd just SHUT UP! hehe! Me? Shut up? It's hard! Very hard! I'm so bad for getting going with a conversation now, and just never shutting up. I swear I could talk the ear of an elephant of late. There is just so much to talk about! (there I go again, ranting away at random dribble. Terrible!)

So yes, hello everyone at I hope that the last year has seen you all well and hopefully I won't be so strange... such a stranger from now on. ;)

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