The evolution of Ares

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I'll use this blog entry to give a more indepth look at my mc, Ares.

My current story isn't the first to star Ares. The last two stories that I created starred a version of him.

My first story starring Ares, had him as a thief. He has changed a lot since I first created him. This version of Ares was created when I was in middle school. Back then one of my favorite character types was the cocky thief. This Ares was selfless and did his best to protect the weak. The only thing about him that has survived since the original version, is that he hates it when people succeed based off of what family they were born into.

Ares 2.0 was created when I started to create a Star Wars fanfiction. It was when I was plotting out this story that Ares became a dark character. In this story he was a fallen jedi, who became an assassin. He was kicked out of the Jedi order, because he went to his home world to protect it from slavers, despite being told not to. It was while creating this story that Ares began to hold a deep hatred towards slavers. It was also during this story that Ares began to enjoy killing and creating fear.

And now onto the current Ares. As I said in my previous blog, Hero or Villain, Ares is the son of the goddess Raze and a sadistic villain, Lonan.

He was raised in the small village of Ivis, near the capitol of the Adonian kingdom. The knights used to parade through the village. Ares thought they were great people wanted to become one as he grew older. When his village was attacked by slavers, he was eight years old at the time, he saw his grandmother killed right infront of him. They dragged him out of his house and put him into a cage. The last thing he saw before blacking out was one of the knights taking a bribe from the slavers. He was quickly sold to the leader of a crime syndicate.

His master was a large gluttonous man. He was cruel and would abuse Ares just for the fun of it. On Ares'es eleventh birthday, he was bringing his master dinner, when he tripped and spilled it on his master. His master struck Ares, but the odd thing is he didn't see fear in Ares'es eyes anymore, just hatred. He grabbed Ares by the throat and held him against the floor, saying "You need to learn you're place. You are a slave, and you know what. That is all you ever will be." he lets go, "Now apologize for wasting my dinner and time." Ares blacks out. When he comes to, he sees a bloody knife in his hand, and the dead body of his master. While escaping he comes upon a half-elf that is about a year younger than him, named Si Praest.

His relationship with Si is very important to his character. Si is the only thing that keeps him from becoming a complete villain. She acts as his conscious. She tries to keep his inherent dark nature in check. Since he saved her, she has given him her absolute loyalty, and he sees her as a little sister. He would never let anyone harm her.

Him and Si become assassins in their late teens. Most of the time they were hired by corrupted nobles and syndicate members to kill other corrupte nobles and syndicate members. It was during this time that Ares realized that he enjoyed the fear he saw in the eyes of his "Prey". The way he sees it, they probably deserve it.

Even though he enjoys his job, eventually he becomes sick of just how badly some areas on the continent are corrupted, and his hatred for the rulers of these area's increases. He decides that most of the rulers of Xen are beyond salvation, so he raises an army and goes to war with all of the kingdoms, in order to create his own empire.

In his empire, there won't be nobles or syndicates. All slavery will be abolished. Everyone will be given a chance to succeed. Also, any official in his empire that took a bribe would pay a heavy price.

However, he doesn't think someone can be completely good and still be able to accomplish this. He thinks that he has to delve into the darkness within him. He would need his sadism, his ability to manipulate, to create fear, to kill without leaving a trace of evidence behind and his limitless ambition. He also believes that its sad that someone like him has to be the one that saves the continent of Xen.

Some of the people in the land of Xen, will see him as a hero of the people. Others will think of him as nothing but a sadistic warmonger. I consider him as an evil that is necessary for the greater good.
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