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The First Finals

Published by Aurica in the blog Aurica's blog. Views: 103

I would really like to know who came up with the concept of finals. It is just a pure torture device to students. The only reason that I am ranting about this is because I have my very first set of finals next week for three days. Health, Algebra, Science, Choir, French, and English. I am already freaking out about ALL of them. Of course, the teachers aren't really helping with it either...okay, just my stupid frickin science teacher. She hasn't even given us a study guide yet, and every other teacher has. I really dislike her.

On a happier note:), I've officially started the first chapter of my, probably thousandth story in two years. I think, and pray, and hope, that this one might actually stick this time. Considering the one I posted, I'm not that into. *sigh* The obstacles of a writer. See, I rarely have any trouble with writers block, I just have WAYYY too many ideas, and not enough time I guess. This one is following the general genre of a lot of my other stories, *drum roll*, FANTASY. HHHHUUUUUUUGGGGGEEEEEE surprise. Not really though.

Also, another happy note I am almost halfway done with my freshmen year of high school.YEA!!!!:D I am looking to forward to three months of freedom already. Aside from the six or nine weeks of summer gym I will be taking to avoid running the mile during the school year. I am looking forward to my sophmore year so much. One of the main reasons is, creative writing class I'm going to take. Plus philosophy, psycology, or humanities whichever one I am taking. I don't even know how to spell them.

Okay, I'm through ranting for tonight, until next time.
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