The FIRST of Many Deeds

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It's, the end of my day off, hours away from voting day where one strata of the madness fades before the onslaught that is the result...dear universe preserve us. On the diet front, I've been Supergirl, my own hero, my own mistress constantly reminding myself that doctors need to know what's under the fat. Also, work has been done in the organising of poems for the new collection and I think I like the shape of the moment.

Surfing here, on the blue forum, is nice, kind of peaceful, a bit like sailing round the loch and wanting to land on spots to investigate an interesting headline. New schedules try to attract my attention, and I am planning to scrawl things on a big piece of card with great black letters to announce deeds (not chores) that I will successfully undertake regularly...soon...I will do just that.
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