The First Step: Imagine and Control Yourself

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When people stop raising eyebrows to the major evils developing around them, when they stop showing concern to the growing malignity, they subconsciously accept and invite disorder and degradation in the society.
When people are eager to comment and criticize and reach high levels of emotions on petty issues but their conscience is dead to the suffocating environment in which they are breathing, they are strangling their own existence.
A society comes to a halt when the scholars and teachers, people with knowledge and with a responsibility to share it, turn into nothing but abusing critics focalizing on meaningless issues while instinctively disregarding the need for pointing the common cancer within having its severe toll on the people.
When personalities with authority are seemed only to hold the responsibility to “point out the problem, advice a solution and take no action”, a state gets to meet its failure.
Being 19 years old and getting to listen every other day of my life that our nation, our beloved country is standing at a critical point then listening to people who have lived through half a century sharing that they have also been hearing the same thing since they got hold of their senses, I reached a decision that I cant take it anymore. The next moment I found my self typing the words “Change” into the Google search bar.
I never believed in people\“critical analyst” who always point out the problem but never come-up with an answer to deal with it. What good a doctor would be who always told you “I am sorry, there is nothing we can do about it”.
There is always something you can do about it. There is always an answer. Sometimes the thing we are looking for is right in front of us but we are just too worried and pre-occupied to see it. Most of the time the way out is a door, the main door in the hallway. The reason no one thinks of the hall-way is merely because we are just too determined to give a tiny little problem an importance of a “Third world War”. It has always been a part of our nature and even though we are in the 21st century and have passed and processed ourselves through a hell a lot of evolution and change with time, it is still hanging onto our behavioral response.

The questions that arise are; “How do we stop overreacting?”, “How do we give an adequate response to events and incidents?” The answer to these natural queries rests in the old and the wise phrase;”look before you leap”. The moment you see, hear and feel anything capable of firing you up just take a second and think whether its worth it or not. Just dive into an artificial world for a second placing yourself as a spectator (that quietly observing individual) and then you will get to know the difference between “how you think you acted” and “how you really acted”. This is a good judging method because it only involves you and your imagination before you actually say something or take an action. Once you get used to judging yourself in your own imagination, your reactions will be far more controlled and wiser.
This exercise will help you attain control over your emotions and in result modify your behavior. This is the first step towards changing your personality and hence changing your fate.
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