The first time

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Hi to all who are taking the time to read this.

My first time writing a blog here. I've had several before, but with all things writing, I pick it up and then abandon it with as much viguor.

I've wrote something the other day. Spend a little over an hour writing it.. then I deleted the whole thing. A stillborn piece of literature.
Now I'm trying to take it from another direction. I always have the tendency to write from my own perspective and as being emotional very unstable, my characters always tended to be nutcases and severely unadapted to society.
I think I'm going to try and write about a normal girl, growing up in a normal family, living a normal life and see where that takes me.

Writing isn't easy and since I'm addicted to reading I feel bad to spend time doing what others do so much better. I should be reading all those hours I spend writing. Nothing can get me more down than writing something I think is quite well, then read some McCarthy or Dickens and just know that I'll never be as good as they are.
But I do have the comfort that I do write better than S. Meyer, maybe not contentwise, but my prose is far better. :D

Well.. more to come. Who wouldn't want to read more about the life a struggling writer.. hell I struggle with about everything!

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